ANGLING: High weights and impressive performances Mark Killamarsh West End and Kiveton Hall Farm matches

THERE were excellent weights at the Killamarsh West End match at Torne Bank.

Gary Dodsworth won with 198lbs 9ozs. Andrew Morley was second with 165lbs after being knocked back three times, to leave Martin Lloyds 110lbs 11ozs in third place and Wayne Cahill’s 159lbs 9ozs in fourth. David Thompson was fifth with 103lbs 6ozs and Steve Booker sixth with 98lbs.

Warren Loosemore went home £165 better off after winning last Wednesday’s match at Kiveton Hall Farm with 72lbs from peg 64. Chris Garlick was second with 66lbs 2ozs and Steve Wheeldon third with 64lbs 11ozs.

John Hardy won Saturday’s match with 109lbs 8ozs ahead of Nigel Shipman who weighed 79lbs 11ozs.

Twenty-five anglers fished on Saturday when Jimmy Eastham won with 81lbs 5ozs. Paul Ashley was second with 76lbs 1oz, Danny Watson third with 56lbs 3ozs and Warren Loosemore fourth with 50lbs 6ozs.

All the weights in Sunday’s match at Bank End came from pegs 12 to 17 with Mark Stansbury taking the highest with 218lbs 11ozs from 16. Steve Rylands was second with 161lbs 3ozs and beating Dave Swift who weighed 151lbs 7ozs and Steve Fearn who had 146lbs 2ozs.

Nigel Shipman was fifth with 172lbs 9ozs and Lewis Prince sixth with 121lbs 3ozs.

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