All is fair on transfer deadline day

It is finally here. The one day that fans end up remembering and referencing for the rest of the season, whether in anger or bliss.

Players get signing on fees, agents get signing on fees, clubs get a wad of cash and fans have to put up with rising ticket prices to cover the crippling costs.

It’s transfer deadline day of course and agents up and down the country are getting ready for the winter months by forcing through over priced transfers so they can have one last holiday before Christmas.

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Representatives will be researching their client’s one previous international cap to use that as the unique selling point for any club that even shows a vague interest in them.

That one international cap will bump up the players price tag by a couple of million, no doubt. Radamel Falcao, Monaco’s Columbian forward, will be the main talking point in news studios all over the globe.

The ‘will he, won’t he?’ debate will more than likely run until 10.59pm, when the most financially attractive move for the all powerful Premier League will be confirmed, a move to Manchester City. It strikes me as obvious which clubs need what this year.

Arsenal need a striker, Manchester City need whatever they decide will sell a few more shirts and Manchester United need a whole new squad.

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I must admit that I do like the stance of Arsene Wenger though, going against the grain and not signing a player that Arsenal so obviously need purely because of the inflated market, Monsieur Maverick?

My bet is that because Arsenal haven’t got anyone in by now, they more than likely won’t. Whatever happens by 11pm today, one thing is for sure.

Agents will be laughing all the way to the airport as they board their plane with the extra couple of million they made on that injury prone player your club just signed.

All is fair on transfer deadline day...