Rotherham’s Anglo-Polish Association keeping war veterans’ stories alive

WAR veterans’ stories — including that of Oskar Schindler’s office boy — are being kept alive by Rotherham’s Anglo-Polish Association.
Peter JalowiczorPeter Jalowiczor
Peter Jalowiczor

The group formed in 2015 after historian Peter Jalowiczor wrote a book about ex-servicemen from Poland settling in the borough after the Second World War.

Now members have compiled more research after launching a new website with sections including forgotten heroes and recipes.

Peter said: “There have been some amazing facts from our research.”

One story turned up by members is that of late Rotherham veteran Pawel Dlugaj, who was Oskar Schindler’s office boy and whose father also worked in Schindler’s factory.

Another link was that a Spitfire sponsored by Rotherham in 1940 was flown by a Polish pilot.

Peter said: “After the war, Rotherham’s link continued with General Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski twice visiting Rotherham’s ex-servicemen’s group in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 

“The general was, of course, a pivotal figure as the leader of the Warsaw Uprising.”

The Anglo-Polish Association meets on the third Saturday of the month at Mowbray Gardens Library. Visit the group’s website at for more information.

Peter added: “Everyone meets in a friendly environment over a cup of tea or coffee. We extend a very warm welcome.”