Restarting Rotherham

What we need to do and all businesses and organisations in Rotherham need to do is shout about our successes a bit more.We need to win over advertisers and you need customers, which is where we can help make each other’s voices louder — make Rotherham’s voice louder.

More than 70 per cent of the stories in the Advertiser are positive and your business has a positive story and message to tell and to sell.

It’s the power of the press — and imagine what a positive message contained within an advertisement could do.

It can help you win customers, which in turn invigorates the local economy, creates jobs and also enables us to continue to provide a platform for you, other businesses in the area and the community in general to make sure you are heard.

We believe the Rotherham Advertiser can make your voice and the voice of the community louder.

We believe everyone would prefer this future for Rotherham than a town that has lost its voice.

Together we can restart Rotherham and make it work!

Call our hotline 01709 803554 to discuss how you can receive FREE advertising

People do not trust the here today, gone tomorrow fake news of social media, but we like to think after 162 years we have earned the right to call ourselves a credible platform for news and advertising.

Audience wise at the Rotherham Advertiser, we’re bigger than ever before.

Many newspapers across the country are showing double figure percentage year-on-year sales declines, but at the Advertiser we are performing way above the national average and, even through lockdown, have maintained a healthy sale.