Your views on Rotherham's child sexual exploitation scandal

Who are the real villains? IT comes as no surprise to find that bullying, incompetence and a macho culture has been exposed in the corridors of power at RMBC’s Riverside headquarters in revelations uncovered in the recent report on child sexual abuse i

Who are the real villains?


IT comes as no surprise to find that bullying, incompetence and a macho culture has been exposed in the corridors of power at RMBC’s Riverside headquarters in revelations uncovered in the recent report on child sexual abuse in the town.

Roger Stone and his Labour colleagues have ruled unchallenged for many years yet have failed to interact with the general public with their well known ‘we know best attitude’. It is so bad that some refer to it as the Rotherham Mafia.

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Hopefully all those found to be complicit in the failure to protect the 1,400 vulnerable young girls will be held to account, but who are the real villains in all this? Don’t be diverted too much by chasing failures in the police and council, the main problem lies with the offenders.

An article in the Daily Mail told the story of one young girl, Emma, 13-years-old, at the time who was at a Rotherham shopping centre at 6-30pm with a group of Asian men 10 years her senior when they were approached by two police officers who asked her age, name and address, which she duly gave, then turning to the group leader, ‘Tarik’, the police were met with abuse. He told the officers to stop bothering Emma and his group of friends and told them if they didn’t p… off, he would take their badge numbers and make a complaint for racial harassment against them, Emma says the police officers just walked away and did nothing.

How did we get to this position where it seems ok for Asian youths to treat our police with utter contempt whilst being involved in child sex abuse? There seems to be a massive problem in the Asian community, with the police and with RMBC and they need to sort it out quickly. Nobody wants to come forward to take responsibility for what has happened, neither the police, council officials or Asian community leaders, they all seem to just melt away when things start to go wrong.

How can it be right that the police and council officers are afraid to take action in fear of being branded racist?

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The problem started back in 1997 when Tony Blair and Co launched their multicultural experiment by allowing and encouraging uncontrolled immigration, hoping they would be their future voters to keep them in power. Remember back then when it was political correctness gone mad.

There seems to be a growing list of problems affecting our town, and now this child sexual abuse scandal involving an unbelievable 1,400 children — whatever next?

There’s something of a stink in this town and it’s not the smell of the industrial chimneys of this once proud steel and mining town. No, it’s more like the stench of corruption and incompetence billowing from Riverside House. There has been no opposition to the Labour-run council in Rotherham for the past 80 years so they have had free rein to implement any policies they wish, knowing that failure would never be a problem to them as they would always be re-elected time and time again.

All 63 council members should take responsibility for these failures and do the honourable thing and stand down, then apply for re-election if they so wish. When the time comes to vote, pick the most suitable person you think will represent the best interests of the public and not for the colours they wear. Remember, you will get the council you deserve.

Dinnington Resident


Town will be ruined further


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LUCKILY I was able to appear on Channel 4 News and tell the country what grubby little men we have letting us all down in Rotherham Town Hall after the revelations of the Jay Report. What else is crawling about under the Roger Stone administration?

How can they still think they can represent Rotherham after we have heard how incapable they were in ensuring decency, responsibility and integrity in their administration of Rotherham's vulnerable? Too enmeshed in their own rotten little world of mutual congratulations to truly represent all sections of Rotherham society including the prosperous as well as the poor.

Having had the misfortune to attend council meetings I have been appalled by the lack of intellect, comprehension and good manners in the meetings. I would cull the lot of them and replace with people of the 21st century who are able to understand their obligations to Rotherham and not themselves. Now we seem to be twinned with Tesco, perhaps we could ask for their advice?

Could I also ask what benefits have come to Rotherham from the travels of Rolling Stone, Roger? Why are we paying expenses to these people? Shouldn’t a councillor be reimbursed for attendance, meals and bus fares so what are the extras we are funding?  Could I also ask where is the mayor who has recently resigned due to allegations of sexual abuse? Where are the mayors who were running Rotherham at the time children were being exploited and abused?  Not one of these little men will clear off. What are they hanging about for? To ruin Rotherham further? 

Mrs Julia Kinsey, Moorgate


Question for Cllr Vines!


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UKIP leader Cllr Vines has a more important question to answer than that asked by Cllr Hamilton as to why he voted against Tony Stewart becoming a Freeman Of The Borough.

Cllr Vines is a former member of the South Yorkshire Police Authority.

On May 27 2005, at a meeting Cllr Vines attended the authority voted not to have a lead member for child protection issues.

This was despite a suggestion from the report following the death of Victoria Climbie and the Association Of Police Authorities that such a move would enhance child protection.

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Considering criticism of the police in the Jay report Cllr Vines needs to account what oversight he gave to the police and why he and his fellow authority members voted against the above measure to prioritise child protection rather than making political capital for UKIP.

Michael Sylvester


Yesterday was another country


I WATCHED the TV news August 26 with stunned incredulity and disbelief as the story of the extent of child abuse in Rotherham was disclosed.

Shame on the police and council services. I have been retired from the police for 30 years. The present incumbents of Main Street police station must now get this matter dealt with, as one of my former chief superintendents used to say, “get this dealt with now, with VTR” (Vigour, tenacity and resolution).

Alas these qualities seem to be lacking today. There must be many former Rotherham police officers like myself who are mortified by these disclosures. No one could tell us what we should and could not investigate, but then we were old fashioned bobbies, unencumbered by the police and criminal evidence act (Pace) and other investigative and operational restrictions now forced upon the police.

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Yesterday was another country where we did things differently.

I think it is now time for someone in authority to look up the law on misprision of felony and act accordingly.

Name and Address supplied


There is a solution

BEFORE I continue, I want to make one thing clear: when I talk about Labour voters in this letter, I’m referring solely to the people who vote for them in the local elections.

There is nothing wrong with Labour on a nationwide level (or at least, not more than any other political parties) and if you think we’d be better off with Miliband then hey, more power to you. But with everything that’s happened in this town over the past decade, I cannot see why any rational person would choose to support our council.

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Let’s take some of the scandals that have happened over the past few years, shall we? First of all, in 2012 Denis Macshane got caught fiddling expenses. Second of all, three foster children were taken from their homes because their parents supported UKIP. And third of all, as I’m sure you already know, the horrific exploitation, abuse and rape of 1,400 children was systematically covered up for no good reason.

The first of these scandals is an eye-opening tale of political corruption. The second is the sort of thing that would happen in Soviet Russia. And the third, well, the third is the kind of atrocity that you only hear about in third world hellholes where not even the most hardened humanitarian dares to tread. Each time one of these nightmares hits the press, an army of columnists wax lyrical about how heads will roll, how changes will be made, how nobody could survive a scandal like this. But they did. Somehow, miraculously, they survived controversies that would make Malcolm Tucker fall to his knees and beg for mercy. And it was all thanks to us.

Yes, us. When the poop hit the fan, all we did was roll over and take it. After Denis Macshane was exposed and the foster scandal made national news, nearly half of us still voted Labour in the following by-election. And so I ask: why? What reason could we possibly have for supporting these fascists? Was it because our dads voted labour? Was it because Roger Stone threatened to give us a wedgie if we didn’t? Why?

There is one way out of this authoritarian nightmare. It’s not without its flaws, but frankly, it’s a hell of a lot more than we deserve. In the last local elections UKIP took over ten of our council seats, and most political pundits are predicting an even bigger push this year.

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Now I admit that there are plenty of valid criticisms for the party, and various contributors to this section do a good job at pointing them out, but at least UKIP won't effectively kidnap a family's foster kids because they supported the wrong political party. At least UKIP won’t let 1,400 children get sexually abused because they’re frightened of being called racist. And at least UKIP won’t defend the covering up of the abuse by declaring — with their fingers stuck firmly in their ears — that not a single person should face disciplinary action.

Jack Cawthorne, Eastwood


Fit in or go!

I AM appalled with the recent details exposed in the media at the grooming of young girls, for sex, by Asian, mainly South Pakistani males, as I understand, in Rotherham over many years.

However, the thing that really disgusts me is the cover up by council officials and police because they say they feared being called racist. Let us just get one thing straight, it is not racist to state facts and bring the culprits to justice. This is much more sinister and it was all about keeping votes and staying in power.

The people who knew about this, did nothing to stop it and destroyed evidence should not only be sacked and lose their pensions but also be charged with aiding and abetting a crime because they knew what was happening. The arrogance displayed by these people I find astonishing with them refusing to take responsibility for their behaviour. How these people can consider themselves fit to hold public office when they are suppose to serve the people of Rotherham I find beyond belief.

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As a Yorkshireman, now living in North Nottinghamshire, I think the powers that be should act like true, plain speaking but fair Yorkshireman and women and just explain to people of different cultures coming to live in the UK, that they are welcome to live and work with us but we have laws in this country and women and girls are not sexual play things but are equal to men and should be respected as such.

These are our customs and laws in the UK and will be adhered to, and if you are not happy with that I suggest you pack your bags and go to live in a country that accepts your way of life.

These are not the rantings of an angry firebrand but a 66 year old man who has seen morality and standards, in this country, disintegrate over the last few years with increased corruption in public bodies and it needs sorting out now!

Tony Clayton


Why wait until prison?

I HAD to look twice and David Dudhill’s letter on September 5.

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Quoting Dennis MacShane seems strange. The bloke is in prison and then decides to start talking? Shame he didn’t comment before he went to prison.

Maybe had he represented the unfortunate children of Rotherham as vigorously as he did his own self interest he may have saved some children from the horrors they endured.

MPs, councillors, civil servants, so called celebs, bankers and now the Asian community of Rotherham are in the hall of shame. What kind of society do we own?

Thomas Darksen   


Guilty of cover-up

I AM writing to thank you for your headlines and updates regarding the recent sex scandal in Rotherham.

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It does focus on the hierarchy of Rotherham Borough Council and the police force that have been totally inept at making the right decisions for the last 14 years — all in order to protect themselves and avoid their responsibilities. The demand to pursue those in power who did not respond is still needed.

You also fail to mention in the Advertiser racial prejudice (this was mentioned extensively - editor). The fact that if you are part of an ethnic group there is a much better system of protection than conversely if you are white and from this country. Why is racial prejudice just one way? I am left flabbergasted at the unfairness of it and the fact that law and decision makers allow this or make up excuses. It is ludicrous.

If this had come to light that white Caucasians had taken over 1,400 Pakistani children, threatened them with fire and death, raped then and abused them, the Pakistani community would not be quiet as they are now. The English flags would be burned, Rotherham town centre would be full of demonstrations and this would go on for months and years.

Because this blatant racism is not “in the right direction” all the Pakistani Community appears to know nothing of the events that happened. The fact is that everyone know this ….BUT still no one does anything to stop the onslaught of pathetic political correctness that encourages unfairness, abuse and genuine freedom of speech for everyone. I am not racist either; I am a fair-ist to all.

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One thing is for sure, as pressure mounts on the Pakistani communities that caused this outrage, they will soon play the race card with aplomb, they will say we are the victims and we don’t deserve this and the pressure to find the perpetrators will stop, the hierarchy will back off and the cycle of political correctness and cover up will be maintained leaving the victims of crime left in the back waters of political correction.

You watch ……..

This is a very sad situation the country has to face…and I am not convinced anyone, and that means YOU, has the courage or determination to tackle this. Let’s see.

The Ministry of Justice quotes: the legal system must uphold fairness in society: both in business and for individuals. We want to ensure justice for victims of crime. The justice system must punish the guilty, protect our liberties and rehabilitate offenders.

Politicians, the police and Rotherham Borough Council are so far detached from real life it is genuinely frightening for the people who they serve.

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As my letter comes to a close, you have to decide what you will do. Put it in the political correctness file (no action) or take it forward, and make an honest difference.

A Rotherham Resident


Arrest abusers now

I FEEL I must complain about the abysmal failure of Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police’s total failure to react to complaints from children over a number of years about how they were being groomed and sexually abused by a group of people in Rotherham. What did they do about it? Nothing

Move forward to 2014 after the Jimmy Savile enquiry, a person complains that Sir Cliff Richard sexually abused him and the police are all over Sir Cliff like a rash, sending officers to his home to raid it and take away computers etc., looking into the claim with a fine tooth comb and even getting BBC coverage of the raid.

It is a pity they could not have given as much attention to the claims of children on their own patch, then perhaps this disgusting state of affairs could have been nipped in the bud. Instead, according to reports on Panorama and in The Daily Mail, by young women as they now are, the abuse is still going on and the abusers are of the opinion they are somehow above the law. Never mind the independent enquiry that South Yorkshire police have instigated, they need to arrest some of these abusers and see they receive the full penalty of the law that they deserve.

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So showing the people of South Yorkshire they are a force who have the people’s safety and well being at heart and are not just a bunch of celebrity chasing plods.   

Bill Scott


Change the legislation

WHAT an arrogant, self- important, self-serving, greedy individual Shaun Wright, the Police Crime Commissioner is!

This odious man was put into power by the Rotherham Constituency Labour Party plus the tribal voting which takes place at all elections in this borough, yet when they throw him out of the party he still sits there and refuses to go. It wouldn’t be because of the £85,000 per year he is drawing for this non-job would it?

From reading the Jay enquiry report there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this man was at the very epicentre of the cover up of these heinous crimes of child rape and abuse in Rotherham, yet he is allowed to continue pocketing our taxes and stick two fingers up at us all.

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What kind of legislation is it that creates a post giving power to one person to sack senior police officers and conversely does not give power to any Government official, namely the Home Secretary, to dismiss him for gross misconduct or any other crime? This Government must hang its head in shame for creating such a useless and incompetent piece of legislation.

All I can say is, “Shaun Wright, have the decency to resign and go hang your head in shame for what you have done and also what you have failed to do.” To the people of Rotherham who were stupid enough to vote for this piece of filth, “Vote with your brain next time and not just because he is a Labour candidate, as we all know now what Labour have done to our town and our borough.”

Thirdly, to the Government, “Put an end to this idiotic, useless piece of legislation which does nothing but politicise the police service of this country and certainly doesn’t improve it.”

Jim Fletcher, Woodsetts


Why would he go?

I SHOULD have realised this. Why would Wright resign? If they find a way to suspend him he will get full pay and pension rights until they manage to sack him.

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And presumably unless they do it right he will still get a payoff.

As for Stone I thought he  had actually resigned from job, not just leader. What a cynical pair and our politics is full of it. Regardless of party.

Ged Dempsey gets a lot right but still tries to play politics for Labour. The EDL will never get a toehold big enough. UKIP here well could but why call them racist which most are not? They are Ged Dempsey’s former Labour voters who have left in their droves. All of a sudden they are racist because they changed to UKIP. Explain that Mr Dempsey.

He wishes to deflect from the Labour and police positive discrimination involved in this ghastly episode. Do not talk about it because most are Asians.

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He and all of us should ask ourselves what would have happened had they mainly been of white origins. There would have been a round up and action long, long ago.

Unless of course they were celebrities or senior politicians.

What have we become?

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley