Winners and losers on child benefit

Sir, It was distressing yesterday to read in a national newspaper the sob-story of a lady who is losing her child benefits.

Her husband owns a business worth over £1 million and brings home £70,000 a year. How awful for her.

I suppose now her 3 daughters will have a terrible Christmas! Get real, love. In Rotherham there are thousands of women, some who stay at home who look after their families in a commendable way and some who go out to work and serve our communities and contribute towards the economy and pay taxes.

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Even with a combined income the majority of families do not come home with £44,000, never mind £70,000! I fail to feel sorry for this particular lady.

The vast majority of families (85% nationally) will be keeping their child benefits. What is all the fuss about?

The mess Labour has left means that all of us will have to contribute in some way. It is common sense that the middle-classes are included in this and this seems a very fair way to do that.

A common sense way. Just as it is common sense that a person who is able to work should always be better off by working than by being on benefits. What a shower the last government was!

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And they still claim to represent the working man and woman! Immigration, anti-social behaviour, benefits and political correctness will all be dealt with in a common sense manner.

At last! I understand the arguments regarding people losing their child benefits but someone will always be a loser and a winner when it comes to benefits and taxes. We all have to contribute.

I look forward to more common-sense policies from the government and await the stupid policies Ed Miliband will more than likely be coming up with. (Again)

Councillor Thomas Fenoughty.