Why we must keep on campaigning

ALTHOUGH the by-election is over, the campaigns for an alternative must go on. We cannot kid ourselves that Labour are a true alternative. We still crave a true workers' party that will stand and fight for the needs of the working class rather than these b

Politics do not stop and start at elections. The fight for an alternative continues. Where are those that campaigned these last few weeks? The fight still goes on, yet they have disappeared, comrades and myself were still out campaigning and will be all year round. We will be promoting ideas how to fight and laying out an alternative.

The vicious ideological cuts are still attacking the people of Rotherham. We need to unite and mount campaigns to get the people on the street and organise a fightback.

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The NHS in Rotherham is under attack we need to come together and fight for what is ours. Regardless of race or religion, age or gender, we need to fight back and protect our NHS and our vital public services.

We need to fight against the job cuts and show that the NHS is something we’re proud of, something we treasure and something we want to pass on to our next generations.

Neil Adshead, Rotherham Branch, The Socialist Party, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft.