Why so much fuss over Scottish Burns Night in English Rotherham?

Sir--I was wondering why such a big fuss with a double page spread (See Advertiser, January 27) was given to the Burns night celebrations in Rotherham, England?

Yes England!!! When little or no reference is ever made in your journal on April 23 to either St George, the patron St of England or England's very own William Shakespeare, the English poet and playwright who died on St George's Dy April 23,1616".

Personally, I would rather celebrate on the January 25 (Burns Night) the fact that on this date in 1533 Henry VIII of England secretly married his second wife Anne Boleyn.

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I cannot wait until April  23to see how the Rotherham Advertiser celebrates and reports on the English feasts of St George and the death of the great William Shakespeare the Greatest English icon.

I wait with bated breath I wholeheartedly support the sentiment behind the fund-raising evening and I am very proud of our armed forces.

The issue I am trying to highlight is the fact that the Advertiser never seems to report on English events like the street parties and events that occur in Rotherham every year to celebrate St George's Day.

After all Rotherham is in England.

I hope Nick Cragg or someone of his stature in the Town are able to arrange a similar type of charity event while celebrating England and the English contribution to the British culture.

David Miller, Rotherham Road, Maltby.