Where have all our buses gone?

FOR the last five weeks the villages of Brookhouse and Laughton en-le Morthen have been denied all bus services for a period of six hours each week day.

I was shocked when I checked on the Travel South Yorkshire web-site on the evening of Saturday August 17 and learned the three bus services would be halted between the hours of 09.30am to 03.30pm. Monday to Friday from August 19 to September 2. I printed a copy with the intention of posting the information at the bus stop the following morning.

I found an official poster had been posted since I was there late Saturday afternoon, so I didn’t need the Sellotape. Everyone was disappointed with the information coming so late. The next shock came when there was still no service on September 3. Notification of a further extension was eventually posted on the 4th,  stating the stoppage would continue until September 16. When we got to September 17 there were still, no busses.

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After the intervention of the Clerk to the Parish Council notice of the latest extension was posted on Thursday the 19th. (some time after 11am.) Hopefully they will end on the 27th (I will not, hold my breath). I have contacted Streetpride, Travel South Yorkshire, and the helpdesk in both Rotherham interchange and Dinnington and got nowhere.

The present work is on St John’s road. Traffic is being diverted to Thurcroft via Hangman’s Lane-School Road-High Street-Rotherham Lane- Laughton Road and the 18 and 19 bus services could then be diverted up School Road to Green Arbour Road to the usual route to Rotherham. The 20 service does not go anywhere near St. John’s Road, so why this service is curtailed is a complete puzzle.

Hopefully this letter might ensure that other localities are not inconvenienced in such a manner in the future.

D O’Brien