What has happened to our buses?

Sir-- I ask the question Is Rotherham a Third World town? I refer to the abysmal service provided by First Mainline buses.

Not only have all Rotherham's decent buses been refurbished and sent to London to service the Olympics, we have been lumbered with old, clapped-out buses from places such as Oldham.

These buses are not fit for service as they exclude the disabled and parents with young children. I have a letter from SYPTE informing me that the buses would be used in London during the Olympics to avoid buses standing useless during summer holidays.

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Fair enough but these old buses have been in service for the past three months, and the summer holidays do not start until later this month.

First Mainline should syart considering the people of Rotherham instead of treating them with contempt.

Susan Brown, Acres View, Broom.