Well done to Asda

I WAS in Asda Parkgate and I inquired about these green discs and was amazed when a member of staff explained they were voting discs for the Parkgate Communtity Life Project.

Apparently Asda Superstore Parkgate is backing community projects with money. Three Community Life Projects such as Neighbourhood Watch, a football team or a bowling club apply and customers use the green discs to vote which one they want to win. The first gets £100, the second and third get £25 each.

Groups can go to the store and tell customers of their group. Due to the severe cuts in the last four years a lot of things have gone to the wall. It’s nice to know somebody cares out there and is trying to help. If you don’t apply you will never find out if your group should get the £100 or one of the £25 prizes which are not to be sniffed at, so come on down because money is tight.

Good luck to all who apply and well done Asda!

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh

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