Well done and thanks for all the Dolly's books!

DOLLY Parton’s Imagination Reading Library has come under a lot of criticism over the last few years. My daughter turned five last week and just received her last book in the post from the Imagination Library.

I have been so impressed with the scheme, I wanted to say thank you! Both of my children have been receiving the books since birth and are so excited when they receive their new book in the post.

We are always sure to read the newest book for our bedtime story. I truly think that the Imagination Library has helped us to create good bedtime routines and kept us reading bedtime stories every night with the children.

Both of my children love books and my daughter is doing very well at reading and writing at school and I believe that is down to her love of books.

Without the Imagination Library, I think that we would have got bored of the books we had and maybe passed on the bedtime story. Thank you to Dolly and Rotherham Council for continuing to fund the programme. I look forward with interest to see how the youngsters’ who received Imagination Library books school results compare to those who did not. I hope that RMBC continues to see the value in this innovative project in investing in our youngsters. Well done!

Mrs Maija Goward, Hornbeam Road, Flanderwell

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