We need to fight for NHS

AFTER having been in town for the previous two out of three Saturdays for the counter-demos to counter the far-right racist groups I took a sense of delight in the strong turnout by the community to defend our town of hatred. But now after reading The Adve

It was been reported that there is massive cuts in our NHS in Rotherham. 750 jobs to go. This is our NHS, not theirs. It is ours to keep and protect.

Britain’s NHS is the envy of the world, it is something we should fight to save, and that is what the people of Rotherham should now be doing, trade unions, staff, patients and the public need to organise to fight for this great institution.

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These cuts are an example of class warfare, it is ideological attack, they are hoping we sit back and let them cut our services. Please join the fight to protect our services.

Neil Adshead, Socialist Party, Green Arbour Road Thurcroft

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