We need someone who knows what they’re doing

I’M sure that you and your readers remember the devastation caused by the tsunami in Japan in 2011.

A motorway that had completely collapsed and been washed away was rebuilt in one week. So could someone please explain why the roadworks on Centenary Way will take nine months? By the same token, why is the M1 almost permanently dug up? Whenever I see a sign such as “Roadworks to begin June 1 and will last up to three months” I read it as “Roadworks will begin here sometime in the next year and last an eternity!”

Anyone visiting Parkgate will have experienced the stench coming from, one assumes, the Aldwarke sewage treatment works. A former neighbour who had worked for Yorkshire Water for many years in treatment plants once told me that there should never be any smell unless filters weren’t being changed but corners were being cut.

No headway seems to have been made in rooting out the paedophiles nor the police and council workers that covered up the abuse of young girls over the past 16 years; abuse that I am informed continues to this day.

Therefore, surely it’s time to bring in people who actually know what they’re doing; or is there the usual plethora of hidden agendas?

Clive Phillips