We must fight the cuts

Sir--Re Paul Lakin (Advertiser. February 11) , a Labour councillor, apparently attacking the teachers and the NUT.

This shows that we can forget about the potential of Labour; we need a new workers' party, and now.

We need to challenge the current crop of councillors, we need to ask them to decide if they’re with us, the working class and the people of Rotherham and are against the cuts.

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I guessing the majority of people already know the answer to that so we in Rotherham need to have our own Fight The Cuts Campaign and we need to show our intent at the ballot box. We need to stand candidates.

I want the people of Rotherham to know there is an alternative to these cuts and there are people willing to fight.

Neil Adshead, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft.


Striking Rawmarsh teachers 'unwilling to behave reasonably.' - ORIGINAL STORY.