We are being bled dry

YEARS ago when the Conservatives privatised our utilities we were told it would make companies more competitive and keep the prices down: what went wrong there then?

They are now privatising the Royal Mail against massive opposition and will this end up in foreign hands and we will be bled dry like the gas electric and water companies do.

Richard Branson wanted to run the National Lottery as a not for profit organisation but this was turned down in favour of a Canadian Pension Company. This week the price of a ticket has gone up 100 per cent to £2. I have had two lines ever since the Lottery started costing £4 per week and in that time I have not won over £250 altogether so it has had hundreds of pounds out of me for good causes and profit.

I think all these things that have been sold belonged to the British people and I am worried where it will end when we cannot afford to heat our homes or run the water as we are so worried about the cost.

We have not much else to sell now but I think it will be the roads and council houses next on the political agenda after the NHS. I often sit a while and dream what I would do if I won the Lottery and a quid lets me do that but if to keep my numbers it will cost me £8 per week I am having second thoughts.

If I save £8 per week for a year that’s £416 enough for a holiday so I can dream about a holiday I can definitely have with my Lottery fee not one I might win if my numbers come out. I have gas, electric and water and feed the greed but the Lottery is optional so if we all stopped for a while maybe they would have a rethink. The people in power cannot have a conscience to do this to the British people.

Marlene Guest, Greasbrough