Warnings over mink went unheeded

Sir--Re the mink (Advertiser. Feburary 11) it is over ten years since I reported mnk on Whiston Meadows to the Council, Yorkshire Water and the Wildlife Trust, guess what? They weren't interested. I will give the Wildlife Trust their due, they did refer me

Since these failures to act, these creatures have invaded Whiston Brook wiping out one of the strongest colonies of water vole in Yorkshire, along with clearing out the fish and the moorhens etc that lived on Whiston Brook.

They have also been held responsible for attacking poultry on Barfield Allotments and needless to say have been in my garden and taken a large goldfish from our pond

Doubtless, the weather and the fact that they have eaten all in front of them has made them widen their search for food, hence sightings in the Broom and Stag areas.

These vicious and voracious creatures pervading our area are due to the ideals and misconceptions of Animal Right Activists.

These morons think they are doing the mink a favour by releasing them, wrong, the poor devils are removed from their cages (where they should not have been in the first place) and released into a totally alien environment.

Following this, the mink's only thought is survival so any thing that comes in its way is considered a competitor and as food.

It is probably too late for action from the Authorities so like the grey squirrel they are here to stay. I fear we will have to put up with losing our natural fauna.

John Green, Pleasley Road, Whiston.


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