Wake up and smell the coffee

Sir. Let's get this straight. Good, long-standing teachers are getting the sack, have gone on three or four day weeks while others are taking early retirement.

This is where the savings have come from, not through the head and LEA, who themselves couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.

These are good honest people who entered the profession to make the lives of Rawmarshs youngsters a little easier to bear and to get them ready for the big wide world.

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We’re all in it together except for some . . . management who keep their heads down and take the Queen’s shilling to do the Tories' dirty work.

Where have the job cuts hit these high and mighty people?

Unfortunately, this is the style of today’s management; these things don’t affect them so why show compassion?

What about the response the governors promised from their vote of no confidence?

Where has this gone to explain where all the money went? Their silence speaks volumes.

What about our Labour "we are for the people" council.

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Where do they stand on this, besides idly by with their silence again speaking volumes.

The people of Rawmarsh want to wake up to the fact that their future is being ruined by obstinate LEA who force their draconian ways on hard working teachers and staff.

The days of large class sizes and watered down curriculum are soon to be here. Can’t these people see that they are doing the Tories' job for them?

Their children have no need for state schools; they can be bought into the top schools, so why should they bother spending money on our kid’s education.

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It’s the same with the NHS; they don’t use it so why spend money on it.

Teachers are being sacked through no fault of their own whilst the perpetrators get away with not being accountable. It’s time the parents woke up and smelt the coffee.

Jeff Shead, Elmtree Park, Queen Street, Hartlepool.