Wait for outcome of UKIP adoption probe

It seems that everyone has an opinion over the UKIP fostering row. It saddened me to hear the calls from uninformed observers for 'heads to roll'.

Indeed, some used it as an opportunity to bash the social work profession in general. The Political Editor of the Times, Isabel Oakeshott reacted by saying that we need to attract a higher calibre of social worker. This is a disgusting insult to dedicated professionals doing a very difficult job.

I would prefer to await the outcome of the inquiry before forming any opinion regarding the merits of the decision to remove the children from their emergency foster placement.

I was very surprised to learn that the obnoxious Jane Collins claims to be 'privy to all the facts of the case' (Advertiser 14 December). I very much doubt that RMBC has shared with Ms Collins all the details of a Safeguarding case.

None of us know the facts so we should await the outcome of the inquiry before calling for anyone to be sacked.

Robin Symonds, Fraser Road, Rotherham