Vote to change the status quo

SIr, Cllr Tony Mannion (Why I'll be voting No, see Advertiser 15 April) is correct when he says that the Alternative Vote referendum on 5 May is very important.

It's important because it may well be the only opportunity YOU will ever have to influence how you elect your MP.

I won't waste my time or yours in refuting the spurious arguments Cllr Mannion puts forward as to why he'll be voting No but here are a couple of reasons why you may want to vote Yes:

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(a) Why is the Tory party so vehemently opposed to AV? Because they know that, under AV, their chances of ever again having an outright majority in the House of Commons are reduced.

(b) Why are many Labour MPs opposed to AV, even though their leader is campaigning for a Yes vote? Because maintaining the status quo is in their interest.

They don't want US to rock THEIR boat. So, you can leave the Labour and Tory MPs to carry on playing musical chairs in parliament - which is what the supporters of the No vote want - or you can send them a message that it's time for change by voting Yes to AV.

Graham Law, Kew Court, Swinton, Mexborough.