Violence is contrary to teachings of Islam

I BEGIN by expressing sincere condolences to the family of Lee Rigby and all those affected by this terrible murder. But again, unfortunately, I am having to write in as a result of the crimes of a few mindless individuals. I can only stress that such acts

Muslims also equally condemn every unlawful act of violence wherever it may be committed and by whomsoever it may be; whether it be the murder of innocent civilians, extra-judicial killings, or in the many other forms it is committed everyday all over the world.

I hope this incident does not lead to a backlash against Muslims and to painting all Muslims with the same brush; the vast majority of whom are peaceful, hard-working and contribute greatly to society through working in the health, education, justice sectors as well as many other sectors.

On a final note: we aspire for peace and justice in every corner of the planet.

Imam Arshad, Chapel Walk Mosque

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