Unite to fight the Bedroom Tax

AFTER a couple of comrades and me did a bit of campaigning in Maltby on Saturday, we decided to join the people of Maltby in their march and ceremony for the pit closure.

Although in an ideal world this march shouldn’t have happen, the pit should still be open, it should still be there providing employment and a backbone to a community, the march was fantastic with a great turn out.

And I can now take a good guess to what people were praying for at that ceremony in Maltby on Saturday for the pit closure.

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Although Thatcher has now died her legacy lives on, communities never really got back to strength that they once had. Thatcher’s ideas are still used and idolised by both the Tories and the Labour Party.

One thing Thatcher is remembered for is the hated Poll Tax. The Poll Tax was defeated, it was hated, it was grossly unfair, it affected everyone, but now the Tory Party of today has implemented the bedroom tax.

The bedroom is just as hated, just as unfair, although it doesn’t affect as many it still needs defeating. United throughout the communities it can be defeated, together with mass campaigns it can be defeated.

The older generations had the Poll Tax we have our fight which is now the Bedroom Tax.

Neil Adshead, Socialist Party, Rotherham.