UKIP scandal is chickens coming home to roost

HAVING followed the news coverage over the last few days regarding the fostering debacle that has engulfed RMBC, I feel I must express my opinion.

Can anyone who has witnessed RMBC run the town over the last 15 years be honestly surprised that the chickens have now come home to roost?

If one takes the example of Shaun Wright, we see a man not fit to hold public office or be a school governor when his failings in the protection of children were laid bare for all to see.

But no; RMBC takes no action against him, and supports his bid to become a PCC. If Shaun cannot protect the children he was supposed be looking after, what chance have the citizens of South Yorkshire got when they need the protection of the police?

This leads on to the racist bigotry of Joyce Thacker and Paul Lakin. How can Thacker believe that taking children from a loving foster home and then splitting them up can actually be of benefit to the children's welfare? What next? Would Thacker and Lakin send round the thought police to anyone who has the temerity not to vote for the shower that is Labour?

By enacting the policy of removal just because someone does not share your political dogma and unfettered belief in social engineering can lead only in one direction. Thacker and the puppet that is Lakin have shown their true colours in this whole sorry episode.

By allowing this to happen, Lakin and Thacker have allowed cultural Marxism to come to the fore. However, what is most distressing is that this is not the first example one could allude to. It can also be seen in the decade long cover-up of sexually abused children throughout the borough.

If Thacker, Lakin and at the time Wright had any moral decency they would issue an unreserved apology to the foster parents in question and then have the moral compass to fall on their sword. But we all know this will not happen unless pushed into a corner by the Department for Education.

Having worked with Lakin in the Steel industry for numerous years, I can unequivocally state that the man is inept to the core and one of the most truly sycophantic people I have had the misfortune to ever come across.

But these qualities are obviously seen as a good thing within RMBC. For how else can one explain why no-one has yet resigned over the matter, including Roger Stone and Martin Kimber. These two public sector failures should be hounded out of office by all well-meaning people.

But back to my original point. What Thacker and Lakin have done amounts to racism, bigotry and social engineering on the grandest possible scale. Imagine the furore if foster parents of a different ethnic background had white children taken away from them just because they had different political beliefs and were not catering for the cultural needs of the children. Quite rightly uproar would ensue and heads would undoubtedly roll.

What the actions of Thacker, Lakin and the rest amounts to nothing less bare-faced racism and bigotry and if we as a society allow the likes of Thacker to espouse her bigotry, then eventually freedom of speech and debate will be stifled to the altar of political correctness, which all sane people in this country know, has been allowed to run amok for too long.

Mr D J Murrie, Whitehall Road, Rockingham, Rotherham.

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