UKIP fostering row: Council's actions 'beyond belief'

What is about Rotherham Council and children?

First they sit on child abuse hoping it will go away by itsel,f now they have politicised the fostering of children. The report on the BBC Breakfast programme stating that Rotherham children's services have removed three children from the care of a couple because they belong to a political party the council deem racist is beyond belief.

This decision has not been taken in the interests of the children. but because of a political decision.

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Joyce Thacker says that the decision was not political, but in the long term interests of the children. However that did not stop her employers taking a political decision to keep silent on the abuse of some children under the care of Mrs Thacker. A decision certainly not in the best interests of the children.

Alan Pearman, Marlowe Road, Herringthorpe.

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