Trident — immoral and no defence

THERE are many towns in the UK which would benefit from extra funding and Rotherham is no exception.


I think it is important that people are aware that the Conservative government will be taking a decision, sometime in 2016, to decide whether to commit to a renewal of the Trident nuclear  missile system at a cost of over £100 billion; aside from being immoral, Trident is no defence against the current threats of terrorism, climate change and cyber warfare. It is a complete waste of money on a weapon system that will never be used.

The cost of renewing Trident means it is already killing people as public services are cut back. Indeed, the government spends £6.6 million a day on the existing system, when clearly the money could be spent on homes, hospitals, education and economic regeneration. It is based on fear when with the released resources we could begin to make choices which genuinely care for people and improve their lives.

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Together we can make a difference.

Jonathan Smith, secretary of Rotherham CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)

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