Tomorrow never comes

OVER the years I have exchanged with other writers to the Advertiser’s letters page various arguments on so many things.

One of the longest running exchanges was with a Rotherham councillor from Whiston called Middleton. He quoted in his missives that Gordon Brown was to blame for the 2007 banking disaster. I blamed the bankers and it was the said Gordon Brown who had worked his socks off to save this country’s financial industry. Brown was even praised by non-other that the President of the United States for his world financial saving exploits.

Now we have non-other than Mark Carey, the head of the Bank of England, who condemns what the bankers did to this country and not one of them saw the inside of a jail cell. The far right media had a field day blaming Brown. The Daily Mail and the Rupert Murdoch Empire backed the Tories in 2010 to the hilt. If you asked 100 today who was to blame, 99 would say Labour.

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The power of the press, but what you won’t read in the far right media are the following that have paid with money and health since 2007. Perhaps the editor will let me tell you. The low paid, the disabled, the unemployed and the people just above them, nurses or any hands on medical staff (who have to take on second and sometimes third jobs to make ends meet), bus drivers, post workers, public sector workers, white van man and many more. A country turned into a disgrace in just years with food banks, beggars and homeless. Politicians, who swan about promising to make things better tomorrow for our vote, can’t be trusted because they have failed in the past.

Here in South Yorkshire EU money is going to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales who believe it or not are better off than us and, what makes it worse, the Tories have the brass neck to tell us they will look after us tomorrow for our vote.

Well I have always been told tomorrow never comes.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh