Tinpot idea

Sir - After reading last week's commments on the "tin man" I was left feeling frustrated that RMBC may be helping to pay for this stupidity at a time when they keep telling us they need to cut back.

As a member of Rotherham Borough Council staff It grates on me when as low paid workers we have had to take a 1.15% pay cut to help spending cuts and safeguard jobs.

We all know that the towers stood for the the realisation that traffic had hit Sheffield , but surely the dome on meadowhall on the opposite side does the same thing?

May I suggest that if this idea is to go ahead, they get local buisness to buy a section each and have the company logo engraved on it, or better still ask Take That to sell them the robot used in their recent tour so at least it could wave to the traffic as it passes by instead of wasting money already financially stretched workers have already lost.

Tin man? Tinpot more like!

Name supplied.

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