'Tinpot' country living on its past

In 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh set sail for the Americas and set up a small colony in what was to become"Virginia" in North America.

This was the beginning of our quest for colonising the world. Raping and pillaging both the lands and people both near and far and, in doing so, alienating us then and now and probably forever from most countries in the world.

We are a "tinpot" country trying to live up to our past and that can't be good because our past is best forgotten.

Successive governments don't learn and still insist on sending our troops on unwinnable missions, giving their lives for causes that are not ours.

We should be utilising our rapidly diminishing forces to protect our own country, consolidating what we still have.

In conclusion, from that fateful day in 1585 when that first ship set sail, the beginning of the end of this nation began. And yes we have had good times over the years, but usually at the expense of others.

Eddy Meese, Rotherham Road, Maltby.

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