Time to put the kettle on!

I SHOULD have penned this letter in April, but other matters took precedence.

In March, I, like millions more, received my annual notice of costs from Yorkshire Water. It informed me that my better half and myself would have to fork out £477.97 for the year.

I gave this some thought and penned to Yorkshire Water’s Richard Flint that it was a lot of brass just for me and “our lass”.

Like flash I got a reply saying that if I apply for a meter it would be fitted free and instead of paying on April 1, half yearly then again in October, I would go on a monthly Direct Debit.

Within a week a chap called and said that the meter could not be fitted inside, the good news was it would be fitted outside, free of charge.

A few days later Yorkshire Water phoned to tell me “a gang” was on its way and asked if I would be in the next day to watch them fit it.

I had at the end of March sent a cheque for my half year payment of £238.99. The meter was fitted and I received my new Direct Debit instruction which was a surprise at £40 per month so quick as a flash I phoned Yorkshire Water to enquire how they had got it to £40, which worked out at best side of champagne prices.

After they had listened to common sense, my new monthly payment is now £17 per month, tap room price and a saving of £274 per year. So, thank you to all concerned. “Put kettle on” .

Mr Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh