Time to fear the socialists

IN the Advertiser I read with great interest, three articles, which, judging by their content, must have come from staunch Labour supporters who seem to be starting with their dirt slinging tactics early prior to next year’s election. Many members of this

What they have shown in their articles is that Labour are running scared and are afraid that the electorate have final woken up and seen through the existing political class failures.

Firstly can someone remind Mr Barry Morton of Wagon Road what happened during the 13 years of the last Labour government when they were the ones who ‘max’d’ out the country’s credit card, then left a note saying “sorry, but the money has all gone”. Typical socialist, they will never come forward and own up to their mistakes (Roger Stone springs to mind).

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Can he remember Gordon Brown (the most financially illiterate chancellor ever) when he sold 400 tons of our gold for $290 per oz, which was the lowest price for decades, he actually told the dealers that he was going to flood the market, which then forced down the price before the sale occurred, it subsequently rose to $1,900 per oz. What an idiot.

We are slowly coming out of the deepest recession for years with some economic growth and falling unemployment, but the socialists won’t accept it. Ed Balls is the one who got it wrong and still talks about wanting to borrow more and spend more, please don’t let him send us back to square one again.

Mr Morton talks of his amazement at the political buffoons the people of this island elect, does he include his own socialist buffoons who get voted in time and time again or does he means the other non Labour MPs?

Shall we remind him of just a few that come to mind? Let’s start with the worst Labour leader ever, (Donkey Jacket) Michael Foot, then there was the dynamic duo Welsh wizards Neil and Glenys Kinnock, now both with their snouts in the European parliamentary trough, and don’t forget our Rotherham Labour MP Mr MacShane, sent to prison for expenses fraud, and we must not forget Mr Warmonger. multi millionaire, Tony Blair, —s hall we go on?

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Let’s now respond to Mr R Trueman and his rants about certain UKIP members. It is quite clear that they are so afraid of losing votes they will throw as much dirt and bile as possible to try and discredit anything they do not agree with.

Why does Mr Trueman spout on about hypocrisy, racism and homophobia? Does he not remember that under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown immigration was a taboo topic and it is only because UKIP have forced the agenda raising the concerns of the majority of the British public that we are now able to discuss the problem openly without being called ‘closet racists’? On the subject of homophobia, not everyone in this country agrees with gay marriage being allowed in a church, this is a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion, so don’t throw accusations without substance. it only makes the accuser the guilty one.

Last but not least we have Dave Platts, the Marxist, Socialist whinger, who thinks that the world owes him a living and hates the wealth creators. The only thing that will pull us out of the deep mess his socialist party got us into is by everyone pulling their weight, and I mean everyone. Yes the rich should pay their fair share and we should chase the corporate tax dodgers but also we should encourage people to work and not be satisfied with a life on benefit. Benefit should be a safety net and not a life style; it’s too easy to rely on someone else for your meal ticket.

My greatest fear is that next year we could see a Labour coalition propped up by Alex Salmond and his SNP party, that’s when you will see real socialism, they will have their hands in all our pockets and take this country to the cleaners. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, if you vote Labour you also get Alex Salmond and he will take everything he can for his own beloved Scotland without a care for the rest of the UK.

G Capper, Dinnington