Think of the town's families, Rotherham United

Copy of a letter sent to Rotherham United re: season ticket structure.

I feel the need to write to you regarding the new season ticket structure, I am a realist and realise that prices must be increased to help fund the fantastic stadium that is being provided, what I cannot understand is the family/childrens policy which is something that will affect my family and I am sure many others.

As I am sure you are aware doing stuff with the kids is great, especially when you have the opportunity to pass on the tradition of something that’s happened through generations of the family, ie supporting your football team.

Unfortunately the opportunity of purchasing a season ticket will be taken away from many young families including my brother-in-law and nephew due to cost, there scenario is that Oliver who is 5 has had a season ticket along with his dad and my father-in-law, taking up the family discount option.

My brother-in-law has been told at the club shop that this has been discontinued due to a lack of uptake, if this is the case what harm would it do to let the families that want to take up that option continue to do so? My other point is the lowering of the threshold of free children's tickets from 8 years  to 5 years, how many 5 to 8 year old children do you know who will sit still and watch the match? Not many I am sure.

At that age its all about the sights and sounds and smells of the match, getting them hooked so that when they are old enough to follow the game they will follow Rotherham United.

On the same issue I wonder how many parents who have their children at weekends maybe affected, if you only see your kids at weekends and enjoy taking them to the match how many will have no option but to pick and choose games rather than purchase a season ticket?

Surely the club would be better placed in the community if the needs of the town's families were at the forefront of the clubs ticketing policy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns, I look forward to your response. UTM and well done to all concerned with bringing us home to what is going to be a magnificent stadium.

Gavin Brooksbank (long time season ticket holder), Grange Road, Rotherham.