There's a parrot and a pirate on the stump

Reading the letters of the Advertiser at the General Election Time, the writers tell all who will read who themselves are voting for.

One chap started his letter, ‘I am not voting Conservative’. That was the first line. He then preceded to explain why he was not prepared to vote Right Wing.

He was, according to him not voting Labour as they were all living on benefits. It’s not that long ago that he wrote saying, ‘I was a none working, living on benefit international socialist’. ‘Everybody’, according to him is ‘no good if they don’t vote UKIP’.

Well, Martin Fletcher, if there were two identical political parties, the Conservative Tories and the Conservative UKIP, David Cameron said he’ll cut tax to the mega rich and two seconds later Nigel (parrot) Farage repeats it. Tell me one thing the Chameleons said these last twelve months that the parrot hasn’t said just after.

If they ever re-make Treasure Island they’ll have the pirate and the parrot on the stump.

I wonder if there will be three Conservative parties at the 2020 General Election, the new one could be the TFT Poor, ETT Rich party, then they’d be triplets.


Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh