The BIG W has arrived

FINALLY the big W has arrived, the event we’ve all being waiting for and counting down to for weeks.

No, not the wedding, the World Cup.

I’m quite lucky really that I do actually like football. I’m not down with all the stats about World Cups of yesteryear and often have to smile and nod when my fiancé and co start chattering away about classic clashes including the 1994 Bulgaria vs Germany quarter final. (Thanks for the knowledge Upton).

But I enjoy watching games and am therefore not going to be a World Cup widow.

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I’m not saying I’ll watch all the games, I’ve not got that much free time on my hands what with all the table decorations for the wedding still to make.

We’ll get a wall chart to keep an eye on all the groups and no doubt throw in a few BBQ/World Cup parties to enjoy the competition to the max.

Who do I think are the favourites? To be honest, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve heard my fiancé jabbering on about Spain and Brazil but I’m really not up to speed on our rivals.

I am hoping that a miracle happens and Mexico or USA win so my friend Michele Vincent and I can bag a tidy profit in our work World Cup sweepstake. I’ll probably have more luck winning the lottery.

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But the great thing about football is you just never know what will happen and there are always some surprise packages.

I can’t even comment on England’s chances as I’ve missed most of the friendlies and how a player performs at club level is often very different to the way they interact at international level.

We’ve not had the best luck, what with Rio Ferdinand’s injury and some niggles on the training ground. Not to mention, the off-the-pitch antics that filled the tabloids not so many months ago.

It all comes down to those 90 minutes and whether the boys can do enough to take us all the way.

The excitement is building and the nation’s hopes rest on the shoulders of those 11 men.

Come on England, bring that magical cup home and give us a summer to celebrate.