Technology training is vital

Sir -- Design and technology classes `out of date`- OFSTED. Just read the report concerning the above on the BBC website.

Too many design and technology teachers in England are failing to keep pace with global technological advances, education inspectors have said.

In just over a quarter of the primary schools and about a half of the secondary schools visited, there were not enough opportunities for pupils to develop knowledge of electronics, systems and control, and computer-aided design and manufacture.

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Ofsted chief inspector Christine Gilbert said pupils needed to learn about new materials and technologies and to investigate practically how and why products work.

More specialist knowledge and subject specific training was required, the report said. Schools Minister Nick Gibb said: "We need to keep pace with employers' demands for high quality, up-to-date technical education - so businesses can thrive at home and we can compete abroad.

So what happens as new industrial developments are to be built around Rotherham, Rawmarsh Community School decides to cut Design and Technology capability from 9 teachers to 3. Sounds like a Dolly Parton number to me and it confirms that the powers that be at RCS should be in the entertainment industry, as comedians.

When the Rawmarsh area is crying out for technologists to work the machines and systems that will be in these factories and establishments what do they do? Condemn Rawmarsh’s future to the scrap heap.

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Well done. I don’t suppose it matters to them cos’ they’ll have a nice little nest egg to retire on. I’m all right Jack springs to mind.

When will these numpties realise it’s not about money and status but about community and the right to work.

Some of these so-called management should try marching against the cuts in London.

Perhaps they might get an inkling of what turmoil and destruction they are showering onto Rawmarsh’s youth.

As you sow so shall you reap.

Jeff Sheard, name and address supplied.

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