Subway decision maker ‘thick’

I AGREE with Stephen Coates (June 26) when he said that the council had blundered by closing the subway blocking the access from the Community Health Centre to town.


I am 91-years-old and a disabled driver and on June 1 took my wife to the Community Centre where she had an appointment. After parking my car, my wife suggested that whilst she was in the centre being attended to, could I nip over to Home Bargains. I soon found that “nip” into town would take me at least ten minutes and almost a quarter of a mile in distance to get to Home Bargains.

When making my way back to the Community Health Centre, I stood near the traffic lights near Tesco and was confused about which crossing to use. A Street Pride warden approached me and asked what my destination was and assisted me back to my car.

Whoever is responsible for blocking the access to the Community Health Centre must be as thick as a first division footballer’s wage packet.

G Hill, Deepdale Road, Kimberworth