Stop being selfish and think of others

ON several visits to our local Asda, my partner and I have been somewhat dismayed by the number of customers that park in disabled bays even though they do not have a blue badge.


My partner and I both have a severe illness which restricts the distance we can walk. She does have a blue badge but on occasions we have to park quite a distance away due to very selfish people parking where they shouldn’t. This happened last Thursday. On this occasion I noticed five cars not displaying the blue badge, the same happened in the previous three weeks. One was that blatant she parked in the space right next to the supermarket door. Some of the guilty party think it is all right to park in the disabled parking space if someone sits in the car with the engine running. I have to say that some taxis are equally guilty of this.

Rotherham has some very fine upstanding people but I am sad to say it also has some very selfish ones too. I did mention this to a member of staff and was told that no one really polices it properly. To Asda I would say come on, get your act together, we are customers too. To the guilty I would say stop being selfish and think of others for a change.,

Ted Hodgson, Cotswold Crescent, Whiston

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