Socialist Party leading the fight against cuts

MANY people in Rotherham would have seen the national press covering the mainstream political parties' electoral campaigning with little interest, thinking that there are no local elections this May in Rotherham.

But there is one, there is a by-election in the Rawmarsh ward. It could prove important, be a chance for the voters to show at the ballot paper that they no longer believe that Labour are a true fighting alternative, an alternative that fights for the working class.

We don’t want a political alternative that wants to divide and break the working class like some of the far-right parties. We need to unite and fight. Labour has time and again shown that they do not care, they will not force back this harsh programme of austerity.

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In the Rawmarsh by-election Trade Union and Socialist Coalition are standing a candidate, Andy Gray, a left-wing anti-cuts candidate.

As part of TUSC’s election campaign they’ve called a public meeting in Rawmarsh. The meeting is on defeating the bedroom tax.

We are calling on the public to unite and fight, come along to the meeting, organise in the community. The public meeting is at 7pm on the Wednesday May 8 at the Earl Grey in Rawmarsh.

Neil Adshead, Rotherham Branch, The Socialist Party