Socialism is for those on benefits

SO, Mr Platts would like to stick to the facts. OK! Socialism does not work. Unless you want to end up like Zimbabwe. Rack and ruin.

I notice that neither Mr Platts or Mr Billups have ever given their age or what they do, or did, for a living. I have, in several letters said what I am and what I did.

And where I am from.

So come clean about your chip on shoulder and spite and envy, both of you.

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I will repeat, I left school at 15 with no qualifications, from the socialist democratic republic of Tottenham. I should be a prime one for socialism.

Not so. I worked in numerous dead end jobs. Some paying reasonably well though. I was redundant twice. I joined Royal Mail in 1978 as a Postman in Pinner, Middlesex.

I never looked back until I took voluntary retirement in 1999 as a senior middle manager for the East Anglia region. During my time there I went to evening classes on my own money and also they sent me on many courses.

When l left I spent about a year working for an agency and then I came north and I worked for British Gas in Leeds at their call centre, and worked for an NVQ3 in customer service management.

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Just for the record these are the new sweat shops but better paid but both the above could have got a fair paid job there like me at 54 years old. I retired at 63 to look after my disabled partner.

I did not hang about and whinge that I had no education before that and say the world owes me a living like the above pair of malcontents. I read the Daily Mail because the Star and the Mirror are a joke to REAL working people.

Socialism, that’s for people who think everyone else should pay for them. I do not need to be a capitalist to think that. Just an honest working man. So where did they go wrong?

Did the above two ever aspire to doing anything for themselves or do they prefer people like me to subsidise them?

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I notice that some people are moaning that there is more need for food parcels. Someone should ask how many of the adults with children are spending their money on smokes and alcohol instead of food for their kids, then you whinge when you weed them out.

So Mr Billups and Mr Platts, what did you do in your life that says you should not support yourself? And what benefits are you on? I get nothing.

Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley