Skate park dangers

Dear Sir, I read with some interest the article you published (Advertiser, Sept 30 ) with regard to the skate park at North Anston.

I would like if I could, to take the chance to clarify some of the points that were made. "councillors maintained that the park was safe".

On the agenda later in that meeting was a letter I had sent to the parish council, in it I stated my views and obversations regarding the BMX track.

I made it quite clear that parts of this skate p ark were clearly unsafe, a subject I had previously mentioned at other meetings.

Cllr Dalton made a statement that "of two accidents in June which have been investigated". To my knowlage no investigation has been carried out by the parish council, and no report has been put before councillors.

She then goes on to say "there have been no other formal complaints from the public", can I ask when the public have spoken up strongly about this issue, in meetings, are these not complaints?

She then goes on further to say that the only complaints that have been received about the equipment is that there is not enough of it, this is wrong.

Members of the public have complained on lots of occasions about the state of the skate park, does she not hear these complaints, I certainly do, loud and clear.

Cllr Ireland (chairman) then says also that the council has not received any complaints about any dangers to children, would he like to explain the questions put to him about the skate park by members of the public.

Further, Mr Chairman, comments about local "adults", "showing off" are not helpful when dealing with the public, and I for one would like to distance myself from such comments.

Cllr S Thornton, Independent, Anston Parish Council.

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