Shame of town going to the dogs

Oh dear. Rotherham in the news again. Recent events include: Lord Ahmed of Rotherham - again. Foster children being removed from a loving UKIP home. Pakistani men jailed for grooming white girls. 3700 Czech Romas now living in the Eastwood area. NF marches

Amongt the large towns in the UK, it is the worst for empty shops in the town centre (28%). Jamie Oliver needed to show locals how to cook. Unemployment of 9.8%. Denis MacShane. Rotherham NHS Trust loses £68,0000 in an email fraud scam as well as having to pay out over £2 million over botched surgery (with another 94 claims still to be processed).

Is there any good news to come out of the town? As someone born and bred in the town (though now living elsewhere) I despair. Its such a lovely town, really, but it has become a national byword for a place that has gone to the dogs-- such a shame.

Geoff Peters, Birkin Lane, Temple Normanton, Chesterfield.

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