Setting the record straight

IT IS unfortunate that my letter about the UKIP fostering row was only published online as most readers who read the response that it provoked from UKIP’s Jane Collins may wonder what I said to so upset her.

In case anyone is wondering what I said that was so rude, I merely said that Ms Collins is obnoxious. Anyone who saw her at the New York Stadium hustings would surely agree.

The gist of my letter was to question Ms Collins’ claim that she is privy to all the facts of the UKIP fostering case and I suggested that we should all await the outcome of the independent inquiry before calling for people to be sacked.

Now I am sure Ms Collins will think I am extremely rude when I suggest that she was in fact lying when she claimed to be privy to all the facts of the case. If she was not lying then I will join the calls for heads to roll as there must have been a serious breach of the Data Protection Act by whoever it is that passed on information about a Child Safeguarding case to a parliamentary candidate. I think that would be worthy of investigation and it would be really interesting to hear Ms Collins say who it was who furnished her with the facts if she wasn’t lying.

I must admit I was surprised that Ms Collins went to the trouble of googling me to find out my occupation and that she talks about vested interests. When I wrote to the Advertiser I did not write with any vested interest but as a lifelong Rotherham resident. I suspect Ms Collins cannot say the same.

Robin Symonds, Fraser Road, Rotherham