School's leaders not learning from mistakes

Sir--Just been down to Rawmish for the half term break and catch up with the family.

Went to the parents’ do at the Star on the 18th and was blown away by the set-up and bands.

A big thanks has got to be given to the organisers of the event and all who took part.

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All the bands were excellent with speeches in between. The speakers spoke of the fight against the cuts and how it is affecting our community.

There was a strong feeling of a struggle to come and a willingness to fight it. Parents at Rawmarsh Community School had a lot to say concerning the school.

They spoke about losing teachers and what this will do to class sizes and their learning, and the fact that the head comes out with different things at different times. Of how he now blames the NUT for the disruption etc.

They spoke of falling numbers and how the authority should have forecasted this and not set new teachers on when they knew what was about to happen.

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Also they commented on the fact that none of the higher management had gone when the head talked about cutting staff across the board because they were no longer needed.

Two deputy heads and three assistant heads are a lot of management for a school like RCS.

Even the head mentioned that RCS had a higher percentage of money going into management than other schools in Rotherham, even those with sixth forms.

Why is money now coming in and not being used to retain teachers and keep class sizes down but being spent in the wrong places again?

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Are they not learning from their mistakes? As in other work places why aren’t the teachers being given the chance to job share etc? The parents and kids want an explanation from the management, head and LEA concerning how they got into this mess and who is accountable.

Nobody has owned up yet. Where has all the money gone? Most parents are supporting the NUT because they know their kid’s education is at risk and this is the only way to fight for their future.

All this shows the, “I’m alright Jack” attitude which we now grown accustomed to by management.

Do as we say not as we do. Why can’t they think about community and not just themselves? I for one am backing the teachers to fight for Rawmarsh’s community and future.

Jeff Shead, address supplied.