School placements gone crazy!

My daughter has been attending Flanderwell Primary School Foundation 1 since September 2011.

The school is fantastic and is only 150 yards away from our house and we don't have to cross any roads to get to it which makes it a safe journey. Funnily enough, the school is not our catchment school, even though it is literally a stone's throw away.

Two of my daughter's classmates also live on our street and we all selected Flanderwell Primary as our first choice school as it is so close and we are really happy with it. We have received our letters from the council today notifying us of the school places we have been allocated for September 2012 when our children start cumpulsory school. None of us have been allocated a place at Flanderwell school (even though it is the nearest school to us) and the friends have been given places at three different schools!

One was given a school in Maltby, the other in Bramley, and us in Thrybergh! What happened to building communities? Friends living on the same street going to three separate schools, none of them being their local community school?

Something has gone really wrong here! We have all looked into the appeal process on the council website, but there is an Appendix for those appealing the Foundation 2 stage which says that they will not consider individual cirumstances if the spot has been refused due to class sizes.

The catchment areas need reconsidering! Demographics and new housing developments have been created (Woodlaithes) and school provision has not increased to accomodate all of us.

How can a school that is literally at the end of our road, not be our catchment school? Why should we have to drive miles away to take our children to school?

Maija Goward, Hornbeam Road, Flanderwell, Rotherham.

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