Response to councillor

Sir-- Once again I must respond to the inaccurate statements made by Anston parish councillors, in particular Cllr Jo Burton (Advertiser 28th January 2011).

Cllr Burton is both a borough and a parish councillor for Anston, so before she starts to "sling mud" in public she should think carefully and stick to facts.

Cllr Burton makes referance to myself "attacking" other councillors; does she not do the same? We have a case of the "pot calling the kettle black."

Cllr Burton then goes on to "attack" me in her remarks regarding my complaints to the Standards Committee.

She says "at a cost of thousands to the taxpayer." She "slings mud" without the facts. I challenge Cllr Burton to publish the exact source she quotes from and the exact costs she states. If she does not then she should step down from her position.

Councillors cannot "make up" figures and mislead the public. Speaking of committee costs, guess what? Cllr Burton "forgot" to mention "the costs" when her colleagues in the Labour Party make complaints to the Standards Committee, how convenient.

The "pot calling the kettle black" springs to mind again.

Early last year, we parish councillors were asked to attend training on the "Code of Conduct", Cllr Burton did not attend that training.

Later, after a complaint by myself against Cllr Burton, she was "invited" for training, it is my understanding that she has yet to attend, so please don't lecture those who comply with the committee's instructions.

The fact remains no matter how much "I doth protest", all three borough councillors live outside the parish and five of the fifteen parish councillors also live outside our parish (four of them Labour).

Finally, all the recent correspondence around Anston Parish Council was triggered by my criticism of the Labour candidate, Cllr Dalton. Where is she?.

If she truly wishes to represent the good folk of Anston, should she not air her views on the discussions, or is it a case of hiding away while her colleagues protect and defend her?

Good folk of Anston do not let the wool be pulled over your eyes, lets have facts not fiction.

S Thornton, The Oval, North Anston.