Respect should be for everyone

I DID not link Mr PJ Cawkwell to the IRA or its dreadful acts of Warrington. I was merely pointing out that there were those responsible more than the “Black ‘n’ Tans” in the acts of murder et., in Northern Ireland and on UK soil.

My sarcastic wit at being a “trained killer” clearly was taken as a serious comment, it was in response to a comment that somehow I was trained to shoot other forces. All HM forces are under strict Geneva and Haig Conventions.

As for myself I respect all people and beliefs, until they decide to murder, torture and suppress others.

I do support Israel, as it has been told it should not exist and will be wiped off the map by Hamas etc.

I expect any of our HM forces who break any rules to receive the correct punishment, most do not. Most act above the call of duty. I do not scorn Civilians, being one myself; I say again I respect all.

I am a cynic when it comes to any terrorist group disbanding in Northern Ireland. I do not call peace where two sides of communities are separated by walls and fences, or armed men painted on walls of houses.

I am confused Mr PJ Cawkwell why you think recruiting is wrong in Rotherham and beyond and to wear a red poppy is propaganda, both are a free choice. Then to go on to state you support HM forces past, present and future.

I would think most people know it’s in support of the British Legion who in turn helps veterans and their families, to overcome many difficulties. It’s a yearly thing as well although November 11 is held as a special day; I will always wear a red poppy.

Lastly as for reading — I have read from the Iliad to 1984, the Torah, Quran and The Bible as well as Das Capital and the joke book that is Mein Kampf. You may say I am well read.

Ex Coldstream Guards, Mr Russ Williams, Broom Court, Rotherham