Praise for builders

Sir, May I take this oppurtunity to thank Henry Boot and all of its sub-contractors who brought our home up to the decent homes standard.

The work and way they conducted themselves was very professional. Every tradesman that worked on our home was from the local area, which can only be a good thing.

We do need to protect all jobs not just public sector but all sectors.

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My only whinge is the two young lads who came to finish the job (a skilled job) they mentioned the agency who recruited them was taking £3.50 per hour out of their wages plus any overtime earned.

Rotherham Borough Council has got to make a stand to put a end to the way employment agencies exploit and steal more than one third of your earnings, claiming to have got you the job even though they advertised for the vacancy through the JobCentre.

Henry Boot stop using employment agencies make a stand against these thieves and look after your workforce.

Michael James Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.