Poor on the edge due to austerity

RECENT riots in Greece are proof enough that austerity isn’t working.

Greece has been in recession for five years, people are eating out of rubbish bins to stay alive, now the Tories are planning a further £10 billion in welfare cuts, hitting the poor and vulnerable were it hurts.

Maybe this time round the British poor and working poor will be pushed over the edge, the attack on our public services and jobs by distorted Tory views of free market ideaologies will not bring growth to the UK,.

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Blaming people on £64 per week benefits shows how out of touch and clueless this Tory party really is. May I suggest instead of giving work providers £3 billion per year so they can steal it, invest it in keeping and creating jobs in the public and private sector, raise the mininum wage to £10 per hour by scrapping working tax credit and create a business tax credit. It’s cheaper to deal with 100,000 businesses than 40,000,000 people. In paper alone the savings could fund 1,000s of jobs.

The money is in the UK economy, it just needs people with better morals and principals to take control and spread the wealth fairly. Career polititions haven’t got the skills to do the job as the last 30 years have shown us.

So how long before masses of British folk will hit utter penury and be eating out of bins like the Greeks. On our current course, very soon.

Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby

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