Politicians handed over political power

Sir—Never in the history of British politics have the corridors of power been so full of self-serving, greedy, arrogant fools.

Their sole aim seems to be to destroy Britain.

Labour and Conservative parties have presided over the destruction of our fishing, coal and steel and other manufacturing industries.

Now the Coalition is following in their footsteps. They have turned our NHS into a World Health Service—free to all and sundry who come from abroad whilst our politicians turn it into a political football.

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Our borders have deliberately been flung open to the whole of Europe's citizens (rapists and murderers included).

Our politicians tell us mass immigration is good for Britain. Well, tell that to those of our people who are on the dole and who, according to our leaders, are bone idle.

Worst of all over the last 38 years our politicians have slowly but surely handed our country over to a foreign power, the European Union (fourth Reich).

In spite of this, at the next elections, both local and general, the voters will go out on polling day and vote these same parties back into power.

Why do the words turkeys, voting and Christmas come to mind?

More stuffing anyone?

Mike Pallant, Chestnut Avenue, Wath.