Petrol prices: it's the ordinary people who end up paying

Sir--The rise in fuel prices is not going to cut fuel consumption at all.

People have still got to get to work, to school, to go shopping. It's just another way to make innocent people pay for something that is the bankers' and the governments' fault.

If banks looked at how much bankers get paid, a £600,000 salary with £1.2 million bonus excuse me for saying but what is all that about? It just doesn't make sense.

There are a lot of people in many different jobs that get paid way to much, then there's decent people paying the cost because the country is in a double recesson.

Wages are going down, the cost of living is going up -- soon our money will be worth nothing like in Turkey and countries like that.

The crime rate will go up for sure. Higher tax on fuel isn't going to get this country out of the bad, it will make it much much worse.

I am in the process of starting a new business up, but what chance have people like me got if people are looking after every penny. Someone has got to make a serious stand soon and if it be that there is a lenghty fuel strike then so be it.

It is a serious joke how the VAT rate went up 2.5% in January, the price of petrol went up 7p a  litre in December, so whos going to explain that?

And it's not stopped at the VAT rise as its gone up 2p per litre in the past 2 weeks at Morrisons in Catcliffe. the country and government is a total joke.

Liam Bradshaw, Bawtry Road, Rotherham.