People need to be protected

I UNDERSTAND and sympathise with the security services, inasmuch as there is no way they can stop Jihadis 100 per cent.

I do not understand, however, that not only do they not stop some of these people before they go to Syria etc but do not arrest them when they return.

Plus our useless home office staff and ministers regardless of who is or will be in power do nothing but ring their hands.

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The current lot should have withdrawn their passports and/or refused entry back here.

Likewise any bleating human rights lawyers like the odious Mrs Blair and her crew should be told the people will not get public money to present a case.

Also it’s about time the police had automatic weapons for terrorist actions. No one else in Europe would stifle their Heckler and Koch machine pistols to single shots when terrorists have some of the best automatic weapons available.

Absolute limp stupidity.

I do not want to see what the French have had for years, riot police either in or close to town centres and mostly visible, but if this is a price we pay for safety then so be it.

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BUT, in the wake of what has happened in France, what have we done? Precious little it would seem. We worry more about tourism then terrorism and do not protect our guards or people near them.

Our guards at Buck House etc still parade in their ceremonials, OK, but why are a few ineffectual police protecting them? They might be all right for armed robbers and the few so called Jihadists we have seen so far but against well trained and armed killers like we have seen in France they are not up to it. And let’s not forget, they do not have automatic weapons. The guards should either have loaded weapons or their own regiments should be protecting them fully dressed and armed for battle.

Protecting the mostly well heeled at Heathrow and at railway stations is not enough. Especially by badly armed police. The pink-faced Cameron and the rest of them care little knowing they themselves are protected — the Tories of hypocrisy at their lowest ebb. And it was the Lib Dems that blocked the security bills on the grounds of human rights.

What about our right to live without fear of being blown up or shot by faceless individuals? We tolerate all in our society but these people want only one sect and to kill everyone else.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley